In 1991, I found out I had been drawn into a State Senate district represented by Carl Parker, a trial lawyer and self-proclaimed liberal out of Port Arthur. As a 26-year-old Republican, I decided that if I wasn’t part of the solution, I was part of the problem. I called the state Republican Party office, and I asked them who they had running against Parker because I wanted to get involved with the campaign. The initial response was laughter. They told me they had no chance of defeating Parker and they were going to focus their money and energy on races they knew they could win. I thought that was a pretty poor attitude, but when I got off the phone, I remembered something my daddy always told me: “Never ask someone to do what you are not willing to do yourself.”

After three years of diligent grassroots campaigning, I defeated Parker, a 32-year incumbent Democrat and arguably the most powerful legislator in the state. Despite being outspent by more than ten to one in a 60% Democrat district, I became the first Republican elected to the seat in more than a century and the youngest Senator in the state.

While in office, I fought for a smaller, more efficient government that would protect our sovereign rights. I passed the first voter ID bill in state history. I successfully reformed Lamar University, saving it from bankruptcy. I took on the EPA to end the federally mandated auto emissions testing program. I fought the City of Houston on the issue of forced annexation, efforts which led to the most sweeping reforms since 1963. I was the holdout vote that defeated an effort to expand the business tax, and I was a key player in returning over a billion dollars to Texas property taxpayers in the largest tax cut in the history of the state. I accomplished all of this despite Democrat majorities in both houses of the legislature.

Twenty years later, with Republicans controlling both the House and Senate, it is shameful that key conservative issues are not being addressed by our elected officials. Since I left office, the Texas legislature has passed the largest budgets in Texas history. They have increased taxes on business and allowed property taxes to increase at double digit rates because of escalating appraisals. Their inaction on illegal immigration is costing Texans billions in healthcare, education, and law enforcement.

I ask you to look at my record and consider, with twenty more years of wisdom and a Republican-controlled legislature, what I will be able to accomplish for Senate District 4. If you believe me worthy of your support, I ask for your vote and the votes of all of your friends, family, and associates living in the district. Election day is Saturday, May 10th. With your help, we will once again have an effective, conservative leader fighting for Southeast Texas in the Texas Senate.


Mike Galloway

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