Stop Illegal Immigration


Illegal immigration is one of the most important issues facing Texas today. The failure of the federal government to enforce the current immigration laws and the lack of leadership in Austin has allowed illegal immigration and the security of our border to reach a Crisis Level. The flood of illegal aliens across our border has overwhelmed our public schools, driven up the cost of healthcare, and clogged our criminal justice system, costing Texas taxpayers billions of dollars annually. Based on the latest census data there are at least 1.7 million illegal aliens in Texas. It is estimated that in the last 10 years, the state’s illegal alien population has increased by more than seventy percent. About twelve percent of the state’s total school age population, some 600,000 children, are illegal aliens or the offspring of illegal aliens. In 2010, roughly 74% of the illegal aliens deported from Southeast Texas had a felony or misdemeanor conviction. More than twenty percent of the medical caseloads in Texas involve illegal aliens, including seventy percent of all babies born at publicly funded hospitals. The majority of the illegal drugs smuggled in to the US come across the U.S./Mexico border. Texas has 1,254 miles of border with Mexico. Despite this accurate and compelling assessment, the Texas Legislature has done little to address this problem. We can no longer tolerate the attitude that this is a “federal issue” or accept that our elected officials are doing all they can. The first line of defense is to redirect resources from providing services to illegal aliens to enforcing current law at all levels of law enforcement. We must eliminate sanctuary cities in Texas, provide sufficient funding to incarcerate illegal aliens pending deportation, and provide additional resources to our border area sheriffs. In addition, we should implement a state-sanctioned, well regulated, volunteer Civil Border Guard to aid in securing our border.  Furthermore, the Texas Legislature should provide national leadership by calling for the end of birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

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